Mary Jo Hazard, M.A.,M.F.T.


Mary Jo Hazard is a graduate of CSULB with a BA in psychology. She has a MA in family systems from Phillips Graduate Academy. 

Ten years ago, Mary Jo wrote the first book ever about the peacocks of Palos Verdes. She followed it with two more books “Palos World” and “P is for Palos Verdes."

She writes articles for Peninsula News and has been interviewed by NPR, Fox News, local tv stations, and featured in Peninsula News and Peninsula People. 

Mary Jo became a liscensed Marraige Family Therapist to come to terms with her father’s suicide. Along the way she worked with survivors of suicide, victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse victims, child abuse victims, and worked with clients dealing with PTSD, depression, and addictions. She was a member of the Red Cross mental health crisis team and worked in NYC after 9/11, worked with flood victims in Tennessee and has worked with victims of the Southern California Wildfires. 

Mary Jo became an advocate for honest direct communication about mental health issues and the stigma that hangs over those with mental health illness. 

Mary Jo lives in Rancho Palos Verdes, California with her husband. She has four adult children and ten grandchildren. She was a four term chair for the Board of Rainbow Services, a domestic violence agency, is a member of Friends of the Library, and currently is hard at work on her first novel. She is also a weekly columnist at Palos Verdes Peninsula News, read her columns here.